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Exchange TipsWe've both been on several exchanges ourselves, and helped to set up many others. Here are some tips for success.

  • Search positions by discipline, location or start date to filter through postings more efficiently.
  • Post your position so others can find you - this will double your chances of finding a match.
  • When you find a potential partner, e-mail him or her to initiate contact.
  • Make your international programs office aware of your interest.
  • Clarify specifics of the exchange with your potential exchange partner

    Topics to clarify with your potential partner

    • What lectures will I teach?
    • Who can show me around campus?
    • Is transportation needed?
    • Where will I stay?
      • A website like helps academics worldwide exchange or rent their homes
      • House Sitters America helps academics find short or long term free accommodation while on sabbatical leave or research trips for free

    Your international programs office will have answers to a lot of these questions for you to share with your prospective partner.

  • Identify a trusted friend or colleague who could help out your partner while you're gone - pick him/her up at the airport, answer general questions and maybe check on his/her wellbeing from time to time. Ask your partner to do the same for you.
  • Prepare a simple orientation package for your partner with information on the community (including a street map highlighted with your address) and any college or university information you consider useful.
  • Secure approval from your department chair and/or dean for the proposed exchange.
  • Secure travel assistance (help with Visas, flights, etc.) from your international programs office.

With some help from your home institution, you're certain to have a wonderful experience.

Bon voyage!

-Rich and Jim

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