Why do you need electronic locker locks

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When you go shopping with your family or friends, you will always encounter the problem that the items you carry are nowhere. At present, the locker RFID locker lock is essential cam locks.


(1) The little size can be effortlessly hidden without enticing attention;

(2) The image design is simple and does not affect the overall beauty;

(3) No wiring is required when using. It will not affect the use of other products;

(4) No need to change the battery frequently, much energy saving and environmental protection;

(5) Electronic keypad closet latches, They can conserve smart closets. When it is unlocked illegally, a warning message will be granted.

Here are some points you need to consider:

Both appearance and function are emphasized.

Paying attention to the material, structure and accuracy of the mechanical core of the cabinet lock.

Attention to safety

Pay attention to the manufacturer’s mark of the electronic cabinet lock.

Pay attention to usability.

Paying attention to the price of the electronic cabinet lock.

Our smart locker locks have two working models:

Independent work mode: all smart cabinet locks will work independently; you will require to set passcodes or RFID coupons for each smart closet lock.

Centralized Control type: All smart closet latches will be monitored by a main software. Then you could hand out RFID tickets or passcodes to your consumer and specify which locker will be used for this client. You can set using time, maybe 1 hour or 1 day, etc. You can glimpse all locker status and learn which safe is in usage or not from our software.

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